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Now Direct to the Public

Gas masks now in stock! 

We have retained this model of gas mask for the public. U.S. Customers only.


Model # X-GM2001



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Comes With An 18 Hour Filter!

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The X-GM2001 is a close-fitting soft rubber gas mask and offers excellent face, eye and respiratory protection against many chemical and biological agents. This gas mask, which comes complete with filter, are factory new! These are a limited number of the second generation NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) gas masks for civilian purchase and civilian issue. Every vehicle, office and home should have one of these for each person to protect against biological disaster, nuclear accident or explosion, chemical spills or toxic fumes. This model is battle proven and their filters can be changed without removing the mask. Each mask comes with one NBC filter.  Filters last up to 18 hours depending on the amount of the contaminant in the air.   Click here for additional filters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each mask is in original and unused condition. However, no representation is made regarding any mask's appropriateness for any particular application or use. Sale of this item is restricted to addresses within the Continental United States.  Gas masks are not effective against all contaminants and gas mask filters have a limited shelf life and must be in working order to be effective. Filters may not be effective for a lengthy period of time depending on the nature of the contaminant and how widespread it may be. These masks are not appropriate for children, nor will they protect from anthrax if it comes in contact with the skin and is absorbed in that manner.

FYI - 90% of people who die in fires, die from smoke inhalation.  If you have a smoke detector in your bedroom, you should also keep a mask under your bed and in your office building, so you can escape from smoke caused by fire.

When doing research for your mask purchase, your gas mask should protect against:  Dust, Riot Control Gas, Organic gases and vapours i.e., Solvents.  In-organic gases i.e., Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulphide, etc.  Acid gases and vapors i.e., Sulfur dioxide, ammonia and particles from bacteria, as well as, bigger threats like chemical and biological warfare agents, and nuclear contaminated dust.

Your gas mask should allow you to change canister/filters without letting in the airborne threat.  During our research we have discovered that the majority of Gas Masks being sold on the internet today are used masks. Those gas masks are outdated, have often been mistreated and do not protect against all of the airborne threats listed above.

Please be careful with cheap masks sold on the internet, and be wary about cheap prices.  Quality masks are not going to be cheap.

The Gas Masks we offer are the finest, most protective Gas Masks available today. All of these gas masks offer protection against Biological, Chemical and Nuclear contaminated airborne threats. The canister /filter's life span varies depending on the pollutants being filtered and therefore most people purchase at least two backup canisters. Our filters last up to 18 hours depending on the amount of the contaminant in the air. There is a safety valve on the gas masks that allow the canister/filters to be changed without exposing you to airborne threats.

We have a large quantity of quality gas masks. Although demand is great, you can remain confident that your order will be delivered on time.

Information - What to do in case of chemical or biological attack.

Model X-GM2001 Features - Click here

All Sales are Final
No Exchanges - No Refunds


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Laboratory Standards for National Testing of Gas Masks

In the testing of gas masks, the following items are examined: ventilation resistance and air tightness of facepieces, breakthrough of test gas, ventilation resistance and air tightness of canisters and cartridges, and various other properties. Laboratories are equipped with apparatuses for generating test gases, gas analyzers, dummy heads and other equipments used for the examinations. The absorption properties of gas mask canisters and cartridges are also studied.


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