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About the threat of biological and chemical warfare:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Among weapons of mass destruction, biological weapons are more destructive than chemical weapons, including nerve gas. In certain circumstances, biological weapons can be as devastating as nuclear ones—a few kilograms of anthrax can kill as many people as a Hiroshima-size nuclear weapon. The United States is unprepared to deal with a biological attack. Over the past several years, preparedness strides have been made, especially in the largest cities. However, much of the needed equipment is not available. Pathogen sensors are not in place to detect that a biological attack has taken place. New medicines are needed. In combating terrorist attacks, treatment is a more practical approach than prevention; yet many biological agents are extremely difficult to treat with existing medicines once the symptoms appear. In addition, many of the most important prophylactic drugs have limited shelf lives and cannot be stockpiled. Moreover, their effectiveness could be compromised by a sophisticated attacker.
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The Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project Report
Ataxia is a comprehensive research report that examines the many facets of the unconventional terrorism issue in the United States. The first sections examine the actual threat of terrorism involving chemical and biological weapons, including technical feasibility, statistical trends, and a re-examination of the 1995 Aum Shinrikyo sarin attack in the Tokyo subway system. From there, Ataxia inventories the various federal response assets and training and equipment programs, and airs widespread feedback from the front lines on these federal efforts. Chapter 6, "Metropolis, USA," offers chronological descriptions of local responses that would follow a chemical or biological terrorist attack and shares innovative ideas from local emergency personnel on coordination, plans, tactics, and capabilities for dealing with these type of incidents. Finally, the report concludes with an extensive series of observations and recommendations for policy makers in Washington and beyond...

PBS Special Report
Emergency rescue crews in cities across the U.S. are accustomed to handling hurricanes, hazardous spills and fires. But what about clouds of poisonous gases or air-borne spores of deadly germs? What once seemed like an exotic threat is now a terrible reality in some parts of the world. In 1995, the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo attacked the Tokyo subway system with sarin gas, killing 12 people and injuring about 5,500. The TV pictures of the incident begged a grim question: Could such an attack happen in the U.S.?

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gas mask

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each mask is in original and unused condition. However, no representation is made regarding any mask's appropriateness for any particular application or use. Sale of this item is restricted to addresses within the Continental United States.  Gas masks are not effective against all contaminants and gas mask filters have a limited shelf life and must be in working order to be effective. Filters may not be effective for a lengthy period of time depending on the nature of the contaminant and how widespread it may be. These masks are not appropriate for children, nor will they protect from anthrax if it comes in contact with the skin and is absorbed in that manner.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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All Sales are Final
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Information - What to do in case of chemical or biological attack.


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