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SCBA Gas Mask

These items available to approved agencies only.  Contact us to apply.

Workmask™ II & Workmask™ SCBA-2001

Product Description The WorkMask II and WorkMask MMR Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA) gas mask are economical, lightweight and durable units designed for use in industrial environments. The WorkMask II and WorkMask MMR SCBAs are not designed for firefighting. An optional Dual-Purpose version combines the capabilities of an SCBA and and air-line respirator for greater versatility.

Principle(s) of Operation The WorkMask II and WorkMask MMR SCBA are pressure-demand apparatus, designed to maintain a slight positive air pressure inside the facepiece during inhalation and exhalation. This helps prevent contaminants from seeping in around the facepiece, even if there are small breaks in the face-to-facepiece seal. The harness materials are made of durable, easy-to-clean nylon.

Approvals and Standards The WorkMask II and WorkMask SCBA comply with the performance requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Hazards Applications
Confined Space
Oxygen Deficiency
Toxic Atmosphere IDLH Chemical
Electric Utility
Hazardous Materials
Oil and Gas
Paper & Pulp

One of the highest quality Belt-Mounted Regulator (BMR) breathing appartuses available for industrial, agricultural, wastewater, HazMat and HVAC work. Designed to maintain a slight positive pressure of air inside the facepiece during inhalation and exhalation. A complete SCBA: facepiece, regulator, cylinder, carrier and harness assembly and an audible low-pressure warning device. Facepiece features Soft Feel rubber for comfort and resistance to chemical attack, two-stage regulator and your choice of a composite of aluminum cylinder. Key components to harness and carrier assembly are detachable, field-replaceable, easy to clean and maintain. All masks are equipped with the Audi-Larm low-pressure warning device. NIOSH approved.

SCBA -2001 - Aluminum Tank 30 Minutes Air 


Fire Suit

The Chieftain™
357 System

Firefighter Apparel

Craftet of only the highest materials,
the 357 assures full NFPA and UL
standards compliance with years of
rugged wear in keeping with the 45
year CHIEFTAIN® tradition.

D19: VAPRO (Breathable) is a microporous
polyurethane film supported by a woven

Fire Gloves

gloves.jpg (3109 bytes) D20: Fireman V Gloves

Our least expensive NFPA glove.
Comfortable gunn-cut design with
straight thumb and the "DURA-TEX"
chemical and blood-borne resistant
bladder. Full sock liner of comfortable
flame resistant SEF material. Two-
layer Nomex® wristlet with thumb
strap and an extra long leather pull-
patch. Surpasses all NFPA 1971 FED-
OSHA and CAL-OSHA requirements.


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